Welcome to the Ifremer/Los Mixed Layer Depth Climatology website, formerly hosted at LOCEAN/IPSL laboratory until October 15th, 2012 (former links, such as www.lodyc.jussieu.fr/~cdblod/mld.html or www.locean-ipsl.upmc.fr/~clement/mld.html, will stay up to date and are redirected here).

This website aims at giving access to some datasets of advanced oceanic variables at different Levels of computation (L2 and L3). The datasets are mainly intended for oceanographic and climate research purposes.

Those advanced variables (e.g. Mixed Layer Depth, Barrier Layer Thickness...) are all exclusively computed from in-situ measurements of Temperature (T) and Salinity (S) made at sea and obtained from oceanographic data centers (cf links towards those basic L1 data in the Data Access section). The methodology used to construct the datasets is basically the one presented in de Boyer Montégut et al. (JGR, 2004) [1] with possible adjustments and evolutions.

A general presentation of the computation methodology and data description is given in the Data Description section. More details about each dataset can also be found in each webpage of the Data Access section.