Platform code2900632
Platform nameAPEX Profiling Float 3065
DescriptionArgo NMIS/KMA
Ascending Profiling Time6.95
Cycle Time240
Data CentreKM
Deepest Pressure2000
Deploy PlatformVOS
Descending Profiling Time9.25
Inst ReferenceAPEX 3065
Launch Qc1
Parking Pressure2000
Parking Time215.76
Pi NameYong-Hoon Youn
Platform MakerWRC
Platform ModelAPEX
Positioning SystemARGOS
Pr Experiment IdArgo METRI/KMA
Pr Launch Datetime15/08/2006 07:10:00
Pr Launch Latitude6.533
Pr Launch Longitude140.95
Pr Probe Code846
Repetition Rate44
Sensor Accuracy0.005
Sensor Accuracy0.01
Sensor Accuracy1
Sensor MakerSBE
Sensor MakerSBE
Sensor MakerSBE
Sensor ModelSBE CP 41
Sensor ModelSBE CP 41
Sensor ModelSBE CP 41
Sensor Resolution2.4
Sensor Resolution0.005
Sensor Resolution0.002
Sensor Serial No3065
Sensor Serial No3065
Sensor Serial No3065
Sensor Unitsdbar
Sensor Unitspsu
Sensor UnitsdegC
Start Date15/08/2006 07:10:00
Start Date Qc1
Surface Time8.05
Trans Frequency401650000
Trans Repetition44
Trans SystemARGOS
Trans System Id02397
Eulerian networksMyOcean eulerian platforms
Available dataFrom 25/08/2006 to 12/03/2011
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Physical parameters Sea pressure, Practical salinity, Sea temperature, Sea pressure adjusted, Sea temperature adjusted, Practical salinity adjusted
Sea pressure

Practical salinity

Sea temperature

Sea pressure adjusted

Sea temperature adjusted

Practical salinity adjusted

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