Platform code61939
Platform nameWOCE-SVP Drifting Buoys
DescriptionIMEDIA 2012, argos 113949
Argos Program02812
Data CentreIF
Drb Anchor Depth50
Pr Launch Datetime21/03/2012 05:00:00
Pr Launch Latitude0
Pr Launch Longitude0
Pr TypeSVP
Pr Version2
Trajectory Last Date11/06/2012 01:30:10
Eulerian networksIMEDIA 2012, Coriolis drifting buoys
Available dataFrom 21/03/2012 to 11/06/2012
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Physical parameters Depth, West-east current component, South-north current component, Sea temperature, West-east wind component from model, South-north wind component from model, Result of current test, Wind stress east component from model, Wind stress north component from model

West-east current component

South-north current component

Sea temperature

West-east wind component from model

South-north wind component from model

Result of current test

Wind stress east component from model

Wind stress north component from model