CLImatologies Océaniques Satellitaires

A Satellite Metocean Climate Atlas

An On-line Service, for user-defined areas

  • 1. - CLIOSat Personal Atlas - General Metocean Climate

    From satellite measurements of Geosat, Topex-Poseidon, Ers1 and Ers2, statistics are provided:
    for a subdivision of the World's oceans into 169 ``climate homogeneous'' areas
    for quaterly and yearly time periods
    in the form of the following products:
    Histograms of
    significant wave heights
    waves spectral peaks periods
    waves spectral peaks directions
    wind speeds
    wind directions
    Joint probabilities diagrams of
    significant wave height / zero-crossing period
    significant wave height / main spectral peak direction
    spectral peaks significant wave heights / periods
    spectral peaks significant wave heights / directions
    spectral peaks periods / directions
    wind speed / direction
    Percentages of ``multipeaked seas''
    Extremes estimates for significant wave height
    The CLIOSat Personal Atlas is provided as a set of diskettes or a CDrom. Its cost is about US$ 7500. For a demo version, order information, etc., please contact Météomer (RN 7 - F-83480 PUGET sur ARGENS - fax: (33) 9445 6823 - tel: (33) 9445 6611 -
  • 2. - On-line CLIOSat Service - Metocean Climate tailored to specific requests

    Products as above can be provided within less than 48 hours:
    for any user-defined area (advice is also given as to area significance and relevance)
    for monthly, quaterly or yearly time periods
    Cost of the service is on a ``per product'' basis:
    US$ 30 per histogram
    US$ 60 per joint probability diagram
    It is provided by Météomer (RN 7 - F-83480 PUGET sur ARGENS - fax: (33) 9445 6823 - tel: (33) 9445 6611 -, as well as additional services such as detailed extreme values analysis or transfer to coastal areas.
  • Michel Olagnon may be contacted to provide any additional information at your convenience. Copyright