Informations sur les planeurs sous-marins
Makers Sheets


  • Slocum
  1. User manual

  2. CPU Persistor CF1 board (used in both Slocum & Spray)

  3.  Communication RF

·        Modem RF FreeWave (used in Slocum)

·        Modem FreeWave OEM

·        cartes OEM FreeWave

·        options with OEM FreeWave

  1.   Communication Argos

·        Argos Seimac smart CAT board (used in Slocum)

·        Argos Seimac X-CAT board

·        Argos Seimac Wild CAT board

  • Spray
  1.  User manual

  2. On line help

  3. CPU Onset TT8 board


  • Sensors
  • CTD (model used in Spray and Slocum)

 - 1978 Practical Salinity Scale, Application Note 14, January 1989

 - Fundamentals of the TC Duct and pump-controlled flow used on Sea-Bird CTD's, Application Note 38, December 1992

- Computing Temperature and Conductivity Slope and Offset Correction Coefficients from Laboratory Calibrations and Salinity Bottle Samples, Application Note 31, September 2001

- ITS-90 temperature scale, Application Note 42, September 2001

- Conversion of Pressure to Depth, Application Note 69, July 2002

- Instructions for care and cleaning of conductivity cells, Application Note 2D, December 2002

- Conductivity Sensors for Moored and Autonomous Operation, Technical paper, February 2003

- Minimizing strain gauge pressure sensor errors, Application Note 27D, November 2003

- Electrostatic discharge and SBE41/41CP CTD sensors, Field service bulletin n° 5, November 2003

- Compressibility compensation of Sea Bird conductivity sensors, Application Note 10, May 2004



  • Iridium
  1. Service  Iridium

  2. Document TMSI PNG and Iridium

  3. Technical Workshop on Applications of Iridium Telecommunications to Oceanographic and Polar  Research, University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory 19-20 May 2004 Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

·        Experiences with Real-Time Data Retrieval from Remote Stations using Iridium; and Data Distribution: GTS and IOOS - Steve Collins (U.S. National Data Buoy Center)

·        Seaglider Communications Performance: Results from Two Years of Open Ocean Operations - Neil Bogue and James Bennett (University of Washington)

·        ARGO, Profiling Floats, and Iridium - Stephen C. Riser and Dana Swift (University of Washington)

·        First Experiences with an Irdium Telemetry System on the DOLAN Buoy in the Atlantic - Eberhard Kopiske (University of Bremen)

·        An Overview of PMEL Iridium Ocean Observatories - Christian Meining (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

·        Real-time Over-the-horizon Communications for MBARI's Ocean Observing System AOSN II AOSN II Video - Lance McBride (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

·        Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMOOS) - Robert Stessel (University of Maine)

·        Experiences with a Small Moored Surface Telemetry Buoy Including the Subsurface Inductive Data Link - Andreas Pinck (Institute für Meereskunde, Universität Kiel)

·        Use of Iridium in a Small Moored Buoy, and on a Large Commercial Vessel - Jonathan Campbell (Southampton Oceanography Center)

·        Iridium Enabled TCP/IP for Coastal Ocean Observing Systems - Christopher Calloway (University of North Carolina)

·        Iridium Satellite LLC, System Update - Scott Scheimreif and Kent Keeter (Iridium Satellite LLC)


  • Primary batteries
  1. alkaline Duracell
  2. lithium SAFT LS26500
  3. Electrochem Serie CSC DD


  • Protocols
  1. Supporting file transfers using the Zmodem protocol

  2. Documentation about Zmodem

  3. Kermit (Kermit project site)

  4. Kermit tutorial


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