Informations sur les planeurs sous-marins


  • Slocum
  1. User manual

  2. CPU Persistor CF1 board (used in both Slocum & Spray)

  3.  Communication RF

·        Modem RF FreeWave (used in Slocum)

·        Modem FreeWave OEM

·        cartes OEM FreeWave

·        options with OEM FreeWave

  1.   Communication Argos

·        Argos Seimac smart CAT board (used in Slocum)

·        Argos Seimac X-CAT board

·        Argos Seimac Wild CAT board

  • Spray
  1.  User manual

  2. On line help

  3. CPU Onset TT8 board



  • CTD (model used in Seaglider, Spray and Slocum)

 - 1978 Practical Salinity Scale, Application Note 14, January 1989

 - Fundamentals of the TC Duct and pump-controlled flow used on Sea-Bird CTD's, Application Note 38, December 1992

- Computing Temperature and Conductivity Slope and Offset Correction Coefficients from Laboratory Calibrations and Salinity Bottle Samples, Application Note 31, September 2001

- ITS-90 temperature scale, Application Note 42, September 2001

- Conversion of Pressure to Depth, Application Note 69, July 2002

- Instructions for care and cleaning of conductivity cells, Application Note 2D, December 2002

- Conductivity Sensors for Moored and Autonomous Operation, Technical paper, February 2003

- Minimizing strain gauge pressure sensor errors, Application Note 27D, November 2003

- Electrostatic discharge and SBE41/41CP CTD sensors, Field service bulletin n° 5, November 2003

- Compressibility compensation of Sea Bird conductivity sensors, Application Note 10, May 2004


  • Iridium
  1. Service  Iridium

  2. Document TMSI PNG and Iridium

  3. Technical Workshop on Applications of Iridium Telecommunications to Oceanographic and Polar  Research, University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory 19-20 May 2004 Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

·        Experiences with Real-Time Data Retrieval from Remote Stations using Iridium; and Data Distribution: GTS and IOOS - Steve Collins (U.S. National Data Buoy Center)

·        Seaglider Communications Performance: Results from Two Years of Open Ocean Operations - Neil Bogue and James Bennett (University of Washington)

·        ARGO, Profiling Floats, and Iridium - Stephen C. Riser and Dana Swift (University of Washington)

·        First Experiences with an Irdium Telemetry System on the DOLAN Buoy in the Atlantic - Eberhard Kopiske (University of Bremen)

·        An Overview of PMEL Iridium Ocean Observatories - Christian Meining (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

·        Real-time Over-the-horizon Communications for MBARI's Ocean Observing System AOSN II AOSN II Video - Lance McBride (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

·        Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMOOS) - Robert Stessel (University of Maine)

·        Experiences with a Small Moored Surface Telemetry Buoy Including the Subsurface Inductive Data Link - Andreas Pinck (Institute für Meereskunde, Universität Kiel)

·        Use of Iridium in a Small Moored Buoy, and on a Large Commercial Vessel - Jonathan Campbell (Southampton Oceanography Center)

·        Iridium Enabled TCP/IP for Coastal Ocean Observing Systems - Christopher Calloway (University of North Carolina)

·        Iridium Satellite LLC, System Update - Scott Scheimreif and Kent Keeter (Iridium Satellite LLC)


  • Primary batteries
  1. alkaline Duracell
  2. lithium SAFT LS26500
  3. Electrochem Serie CSC DD


  1. Williamson references for Lithium packs for deep Slocum
  2. BatterieLaden references for Lithium packs for deep Slocum


  • Protocols
  1. Supporting file transfers using the Zmodem protocol

  2. Documentation about Zmodem

  3. Kermit (Kermit project site)

  4. Kermit tutorial


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