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MEDAR is clusterised within the larger IMPACTS programme.

IMPACTS is a new cluster formed following FP-V requirements and objectives. It includes projects on anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment under the Environment and Sustainable Development Programme. It integrates studies on Marine Pollution, Contaminant transport, Ecotoxicology and Key element cycling.

Objectives and Summary of IMPACTS (preliminary document)

Projects involved in IMPACTS
CYCLOPS (cycling of phosphorus in the Mediterranean)
MATBIOPOL (role of microbial mats in bioremediation of hydrocarbon polluted coastal zones)

MEAD (marine effects of atmospheric deposition)

SIGNAL (significance of external/anthropogenic nitrogen for Central Baltic Sea N cycling)

MAST III/ACE (assessment of antifouling agents in coastal environments)

MAST III/BIOMARK (biomarkers in marine sponges)

MAST III/MARA (microbial assays for risk assessment)

EUROHAB Initiative:

BIOHAB (Biological control of harmful algal blooms in European coastal waters: Role of eutrophication),

NYTOX (Effect of nutrient ratios on harmful phytoplankton and their toxin production),

Harmful Introduction by Ships (Test monitoring systems for risk assessment of harmful introduction by ships to European waters).

Report of the   first meeting of the IMPACTS cluster, Brussels  March 2, 2000

(password requested for the preliminary documents)