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Deliverables & Milestones


Cruise Inventory

Data Sets

Bench Mark 1 : test the format of national data sets
Bench Mark 2 : test the format, codes and overall coherence between regional QC centres and the global assembling centre
Bench Mark 3 : test of the bio-chemical data sets processing
Bench Marck 4 : test of the complete data set and the full processing
Final processing of the complete data set

Climatology and Maps

Reference protocol manual


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1/12/1998	Project starts
Fev 1999	+ 2 months	Kick-off meetingDraft brochure ready and reviewed Draft Specifications for data pre-processing ready and reviewedPreliminary global inventory ready and disseminated to participantsPreliminary national inventories ready and disseminated to participantsMEDATLAS format specifications disseminated to participantsPreliminary version of the WWW server
March 1999	+ 3 months	Brochure disseminated to project participants and selected IOC contactsFirst data requests sent to source laboratoriesSpecifications for data pre-processing readySpecifications for climatological computation ready
April 1999	+ 4 months	First samples of data files transcoded at MEDATLAS format sent to regional QC  centres for validation of the transcoding software (bench marks 1)
June 1999	+ 6 months	Transcoding software ready QC software readyPreliminary version of the common protocol ready & disseminated
July 1999	+7 months	First samples of QCed data files sent to coordinating centre (bench marks 2)Workshop on QC
August 1999	+ 8 months	Format/codes conformity tests on bench marks 2 implemented and reported
September 1999	+ 9 months	End of the data compilation, data safeguardedWorkshop on Quality Control based on the IOC/MAST recommendationsFirst climatological computation software update available on the web server
1/12/1999	+ 12 months	Intermediate version of the Mediterranean InventoryData transcoded at the MEDATLAS formatPre-processing software SELMED upgraded Data decimation technique for climatological computation defined with  regards to data distributionMEDAR/MEDATLAS WWW server open to public1st annual meeting      


January 2000	+ 13 months	Intermediate sample of QCed bio-chemical data sent to coordinating centre (bench marks 3)
March 2000	+ 15 months	National data sets QCBench marks 3 (preliminary bio-chemical data set) assembled & pre-processed
April 2000	+ 16 months	Test of climatological computation on Bench mark 3 data 
June 2000	+ 18 months	Regional MeetingsComplete regional data sets released to global assembling centre
July 2000	+ 21 months	First global QC and reports
October 2000	+ 22 months	First global pre-processing  (bench mark 4) transmitted to Analysis Centre
November 2000	+ 23 months	First results of climatological computations on preliminary version of the MEDAR data base (bench mark 4 data) available on the net
December  2000	+24 month	2st Annual Meeting2nd Annual Report      


March 2001	+ 27 months	Final global QC of the data terminated
				Qualified data files organised for publication and for Inventory
April 2001	+ 28 months	Final data set pre-processed and transmitted to Analysis Centre 
May 2001	+ 29 months	Final climatology computation
July 2001	+ 31 months	Final version of the Mediterranean InventoryWorkshop Climatological Analysis & Mapping
August 2001	+ 32 months	End of QC of the climatology 
September 2001	+ 33 months	Beta-test version of the CDrom released
October 2001	+ 35 months	Report on beta-test CDrom QC for revision
December 2001	+ 36 months	Prototype of the final CDrom readyFinal Inventory on the webClimatological fields, selected Maps & software on the web
				Project Web sites updated
				Protocol Manual Edited
				Final workshop - Final report