Dear MEDAR scientist,

The following documents are beeing sent to you may mail :

the first project annual report
the report workshop on quality control
the revised brochure

They have been sent to the European Commission by courrier on April 19.

The (zip compressed) documents can be downloaded from the documentation page of the MEDAR coordinating web site :

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First Annual Report - General progress report





First Annual Report - Workpaclages and National reports




QC workshoop report



First 6 month report




The access to these pages requires the MEDAR password which has been communicated to you previously (r@dem!!). In case of problem with the network, a copy on CDrom can be prepared on request.

The next plenary meeting will be in December 2000 in Cyprus, thanks to the kind invitation of our colleagues Dr. George ZODIATIS. More information on the agenda and local organisation will be communicated later on, by email.

other news news about the project management:

EC proposes to MEDAR to be clusterised within the larger IMPACTS programme.

IMPACTS is a new cluster formed following FP-V requirements and objectives. It includes projects on anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment under the Environment and Sustainable Development Programme. It integrates studies on Marine Pollution, Contaminant transport, Ecotoxicology and Key element cycling.

The first meeting of the IMPACTS cluster was held in Brussels on March 2, 2000 and was organised by the European Commission/DG RTD-D1.

A small sub-group has been formed by three projects: CYCLOPS, MEDAR and MEDNET. Preliminary areas of mutual interest between these projects were identified including nutrient studies in the Mediterranean and the simulation of the Eastern Mediterranean Transient. It was agreed that a representative of both MEDNET and MEDAR would attend and give a presentation at the 1st Annual meeting of CYCLOPS in Haifa on 21-23rd May 2000.

A new page "IMPACTS" on the coordinating website has been added, with links to downloadable presentation text and Brussels meeting report.

All the best,