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The Data are assembled and checked for quality in REGIONAL QUALIFICATION CENTRES in co-operation with the National Oceanographic Data Centres/Designated National Agencies of the regions

medarqcz.gif (16052 octets)

Western Basin - IEO Data Centre ( (Spain)
ISMAL (Algeria)
INRH (Morocco)
INSTM (Tunisia)
Central Basin - INOGS Data Centre ( (Italy)
UM/PO (Malta)
IOF (Croatia)
Eastern Basin - NCMR/HNODC ( (Greece)
IORL (Israel)
NCSR-NCMS (Lebanon)
TN-DNHO (Turkey)
Black Sea - RIHMI-WDC ( (Russian Federation)
NIMH (Bulgaria)
NOC (Georgia)
IRCM (Romania)
TN-DNHO (Turkey)
MHI/MIST  (Ukraine)


All the data and meta-data that have been reformatted at the common unique  MEDATLAS format are checked for quality according to the International recommendations from IOC, MAST and ICES and the MEDAR protocol defined in Task V under the co-ordination of  ICES (  

The quality assurance includes automatic/objective and visual/subjective checks which are performed on each profile separately and grouped by cruises. Two software tools have been developed to perform these tests and assist the operators:

SCOOP (IFREMER software) for Unix 
QCMEDAR (IEO software) for Windows

As a result, a quality flag (GTSPP flag scale) is assigned to each numerical value. In case of outlier on recent data sets, the originator is contacted to validate/correct/eliminate the value.