The International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress is a forum for the exchange of information by experts undertaking and applying marine structural research.

The aim of the ISSC is to facilitate the evaluation and dissemination of results from recent investigations; to make recommendations for standard design procedures and criteria; to discuss research in progress and planned; to identify areas requiring future research, and to encourage international collaboration in furthering these aims.

Congresses are held every 3 years, the next one will be in San Diego 2003, to discuss the reports of the technical and specialist committees. These reports are written to present and discuss on-going research and to make recommendations on updating of design procedures and on further research.

The mandate of Committee I.1, "Environment", is: Concern for description of the ocean environment, especially with respect to wave, current and wind statistics, in deep and shallow waters, as a basis for the determination of environmental loads for structural design. Attention shall also be given to statistical description of temperature, ice, earthquake, soil condition, marine growth and other phenomena relevant to design of ship and offshore structures.

At its Lisbon interim meeting in March 2001, the Committee established a tentative list of topics for special focus, i.e. a "short list" of half-a-dozen topics that the Committee believes deserve more in-depth treatment, not restricted to the period 2000-2002, because their subjects reach a state of consensus or because of a special request of the maritime or offshore industry for a presentation of the uptodate State of the Art. In addition, the Committee agreed to try to carry out a project, consisting in establishing reference datasets for estimation of long-term design conditions.

The present document is a brief description of these topics that is made public in order to arouse feedback and comments from all concerned bodies.

Members of the Committee:

Michel Olagnon, chairman of ISSC I.1 "Environment" Committee.