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This page is intended to point out some applications of metocean studies to the improvement of shipping conditions, performance and safety: conventional routeing, high speed crafts operation, unconventional transports, classification, ...


Ifremer suggested a few years ago an idea to investigate how novel metocean information sources could improve shipping safety. The COMKISS (COnveying Metocean Knowledge Improvements onto Shipping Safety) project idea was taken over by Satellite Observing Systems and University of Lund, and presented within the EWSE (CEO) framework for EC funding, which was granted. The following demonstration modules are based on results of the COMKISS project.

Sea State Alarm

This study is an application of real-time satellite data to marine operations and unconventional transports.

Surface Currents

Can satellite measurements of currents improve the route choices and shorten the voyage duration for transportation at sea ?
Wave Climate Bases How satellite measurements of waves and wind can improve the climate data used for the design of transportation at sea.
Theoretical bases

A theoretical basis for the statistical analysis of responses experienced by a vessel during a voyage.

Fatigue and Failure How statistical analysis of satellite measurements can be used in assessment of the criteria for safety with respect to fatigue and failure on a given route.
HSC operation Can satellite data improve High Speed Passenger Craft operation, allow for advance cancellation with more confidence, and avoid unnecessary cancellations ?
HSC performance Can satellite data improve climatological studies for High Speed Craft performance assessment ?
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