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Table of contents of the textbook:

  1. Observing the sea from space p. 1
  2. Altimeter measurements of surface waves and wind speed p. 19
  3. Synthetic Aperture Radar p. 39
  4. Sea states and wave characteristics p. 53
  5. Wave spectra and statistical wave models p. 71
  6. Statistical model choice and estimation p. 101
  7. Extreme events p. 109
  8. Applications p. 123

Videos (the whole set is provided on a single tape):

Introduction (5')

  1. Observing sea conditions (14')
  2. Sea measurements by satellite (16')
  3. From satellites to development office (12')
  4. Waves and sea states (10')
  5. Design of structures (14')
  6. Marine transportation and operations (16')

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