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The laboratory for testing of  behaviour and ageing of materials

The laboratory for testing behaviour and ageing of materials takes into account the measurement of all the parameters of the marine environment which may have an influence on the behaviour or on the ageing of materials and structures used at sea.

The main facilities:

  • A marine in situ testing station
  • A hyperbaric testing tank with sea water circulation
  • Tensile strength testing machines (20 tons, 100 tons)
  • Fatigue testing machines (20 tons, 25 tons)
  • Tensile and bending creep testing machines (1 ton)
  • Non Destructive Test equipment :
    - Ultrasonic 3D tank
    - ED currents
    - Magnetic fields
  • DMA testing system
  • DSC analyser
  • Potential measurement devices
  • ...

noeusec.jpg (106099 octets)
full scale fatigue test
in natural sea water

100 T test bench


The main activities which are carried out:

Studies concerning behaviour and ageing of materials in a marine environment are mainly performed by the Materials and Structures group, which consists of 7 engineers and 8 technicians.

This unit deals with primarily all questions relevant to the behaviour and the protection of materials and marine structures. It is involved in technological developments and innovations in the following areas:

  • Studies on interaction between materials and natural sea water,
  • Functional and structural behaviour of materials,
  • Ageing of equipment and structures subjected to mechanical, chemical and physico-chemical stress related to their use in coastal and open sea,
  • Corrosion studies – Electro-chemical tests,
  • Behaviour of metallic and composite materials in deep sea environment,
  • Bio-fouling and bio-film adhesion studies on a range of materials.
  • ...

Contact :
Peter Davies
Dominique Choqueuse
Yvon Le Guen