The Momareto cruise will be held on the new French oceanographic vessel Pourquoi pas ? using the remotely operated vehicle Victor 6000. The cruise is leaded by 2 scientists (Jozée Sarrazin and Pierre-Marie Sarradin) from the DEEP department of Ifremer.

The main objective of the Momareto cruise is to study the spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrothermal communities colonizing the MoMAR zone, located on the Azores Triple Junction. The accomplishment of the objectives relies on the implementation of a dedicated instrumentation that was developed during the funded European Exocet/D project. The final integration and validation phase of Exocet/D will be done during the first leg of the cruise (7 -17 August) and is almost entirely funded by the European Commission.

The proposed approach for the second leg (18 August – 6 September) aims at studying the response of hydrothermal species to their environment and this, at two different temporal scales : a very short term response of the organisms to micro-variations of their milieu (hours-days) and a larger "observatory" type scale where the dynamics of faunal assemblages is linked to habitat variations (months-years).

The data acquired during this cruise, reinforced by past studies within the area, constitute a fundamental basis for the establishment of a long-term observatory on the MoMAR zone.


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