Heavy gales hit the Pourquoi pas?

A wave breaking on the back deck of the Pourquoi pas? Photo Jozée Sarrazin

After several discussions on the weather forecast, the decision was made: Victor must come back up to the surface. The weather quickly worsened.

After a rough night with gusts at 50 knots, the morning was hardly any better. The sea got rough and great waves shook the Pourquoi pas? All the material had been battened down, the labs were empty and some scientists had taken to their bunks. The dive was replaced with several surface operations: bathysounders and acoustic queries to an OBS network. The Victor crew used the surface time to thoroughly service the submersible while the technicians and engineers repaired and tested the damaged instruments.

By the end of the day, the scientists on board had slowly but surely returned to their activities on the vessel. The forecast is iffy, but a dive on Friday evening may be doable.