The last one

The BOREL buoy and the Pourquoi pas? over the Lucky Strike vent field. Photo Jérôme Blandin.

Shortly after midnight, Victor began its last dive of the cruise. The work schedule is full: we have to finish all the operations in progress and leave the area by 1400 tomorrow, Friday. Valérie and Cédric filled four titanium bottles over one of the small smokers on the Eiffel Tower vent. The gas composition of the fluids will be analysed on board and the dissolved elements will be analysed back in the laboratory after the cruise. Several artificial substrates for monitoring colonisation were then deployed near the edifice.

A large part of the day was spent recovering the surfaced moorings: two current meters, the floats associated with SEAMON East and the OBT inclinometer, the elevator... and a racoon. The BOREL buoy group took the Zodiac out on the residual swell to install a radar reflector to make the buoy more visible to passing ships.

The night will be intense because time is short and the to-do list is long...

A curious Cataetyx fish watches Victor arrive on the scene. Photo Victor.

Measuring temperature in a small smoker at the foot of Eiffel Tower. Photo Victor.

Setting up the artificial substrates for monitoring colonisation in an active hydrothermal zone. Photo Victor.

Deploying a basket trap near the NOCS analysers. Photo Victor.

Recovering the floats from a current meter. Photo Jérôme Blandin.

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