The R/V Pourquoi pas?

The Pourquoi pas? is IFREMER’s newest oceanographic vessel. At 107 m in length, this research vessel can be used to conduct studies in hydrography, marine geology or physical, chemical or biological oceanography in coastal or deep-sea waters and can be outfitted with IFREMER’s scientific equipment.

During a cruise, she can alternately deploy two types of heavy equipment, such as the Nautile, Victor6000 or a towed device.

The Pourquoi pas? is co-financed by IFREMER (55%) and the French Navy (45%). Her name was given in tribute to Captain Charcot.

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Victor 6000

This remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) opens numerous possibilities for efficient exploration of the deep-sea: it can be operated via its electro-optical-tow cable for several days (3 to 4, sometimes more) non-stop, compared to only several hours (5 to 6) for manned submersibles.

Victor 6000 also allows scientists to simultaneously work on optical and acoustic images and real-time physico-chemical data.

> More information on Victor 6000 available on IFREMER’s web pages Vessels and Explorations.