Imar- Department of Oceanography and Fisheries from the Azores University

She is a deep-sea benthic biologist. Her special interests are in the biology of hydrothermal vents, other chemosynthetic environments and seamounts, especially in what regards the trophic relationships among and between ecosystems. She has been involved on the conception and development of a benthic observatory in the MoMAR area.



Son parcours professionnel

Doctor in Ecology and Biosystematics by the University of Lisbon in 2001, her thesis was on the Trophic ecology of deep-sea hydrothermal vent fields from the Mid Atlantic Ridge. She has done a post-doc inside the VENTOX project, and she studied the bioaccumulation of heavy metals on the food web of the hydrothermal vents from the Azores triple Junction. Since 2003 she is a Research Fellow at the IMAR- Department of Oceanography and Fisheries from the University of the Azores. She has participated in several projects concerning the deep-sea hydrothermal vents from the Mid-Atlantic ridge, funded by the EU (MARFLUX, AMORES, VENTOX, EXOCET/D, MoMARNET; CHEMECO; HERMIONE) and Portugal (AMAR, SEAHMA). She is part of the MoMAR steering Committee, of the Interridge Ecology Studies group and the ESONET NoE scientific council. In 2006 she warned a scholarship to work with the Portuguese Newspaper "Publico" in order to write about science for the larger audience. She has been involved in several outreaching activities with children and for larger audience.

Son travail à bord

As co-PI of the MoMAR-D demonstration project of the ESONET NoE, she will be helping with the Observatory installation. Her science will be devoted to deploy a colonization device to complete an experiment from the HERMIONE project (two other were already deployed at the Menez Gwen vent field and the Condor seamount), to sample for her trophic ecology studies and physiological proxies of the vent animals. Native in Portuguese and being fluent in English and French she will make a Portuguese version of the website

Ses passions

Books, poetry, music, painting, tracking, sailing, kayaking, pilates

Ce qu'elle emmène à bord

My labtop, the picture of my family (the twins Francisco et Sofia of 4 years old and Nuno that will be a super-daddy during this cruise); The books: "Crónica do Pássaro de Corda" from Haruki Murakami ; and "Qualquer Coisa de Bom" from Sveva Casati Modignani