Brest, France
20-21-22 October 2004

edited by Michel Olagnon and Marc Prevosto

Ifremer and their partners organized a workshop in Le Quartz, Brest, France, from Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd October 2004, during SeaTechWeek 2004. The aim of the seminar was to assess the state of the art as to conditions of occurrence of waves or groups of waves of unexpected severity, responsible for ship wrecks and damages to offshore oil and gas production systems; and to establish a ``road map'' as to research actions and collaborations needed to improve the prediction and forecasting abilities in this domain.

This page gives access to the presentations that were made during the workshop, and to the full papers that the authors provided after the workshop. The presentations are available as pdf files that may be viewed with the Acrobat Reader freely downloadable software. For most of the presentations, the original Powerpoint is also made available (PPT or PPS).

  1. Part 1. Definition, characterization and discussion of the rogueness of waves from their statistics and from the manners in which they affect ships and ocean structures.

  2. Part 2. Generating mecanisms for rogue waves, validation from numerical and physical experiments, observation and comparison between observed and modelled features.

  3. Part 3. Prediction of rogue waves in the short term, through warnings issued with sea conditions forecasts, and in the long term as refinements in the metocean climate descriptions and in the design procedures.

    • Session 3.1: Can sensible warnings be issued ?
      Introductory presentation:
      Henri Savina & Jean-Michel Lefèvre (MétéoFrance) - " Sea state in Marine Safety Information : present state, future prospect " ( Oral Presentation PDF ).
      Regular presentations:
      Martin Holt, Gary Fullerton, Jian-Guo Li (Met Office, UK) - " Forecasting sea state with a spectral wave model " ( Oral Presentation PPT PDF ).
      A.V.Boukhanovsky (Institute for High Performance Computing), L.J.Lopatoukhin (State University, Dep. Oceanology) (St. Petersburg, Russia) and C.G.Soares (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal) - " Climatic wave spectra and freak waves probability "
      Mark A. Donelan (university of Miami/RSMAS, USA), Anne Karin Magnusson (, Norway) and Elzbieta Bitner-Gregersen (DNV, Norway) - " Towards a Global Rogue Wave Warning System "
    • Session 3.2: Should we modify design specifications ?
      Introductory presentation:
      Gil-Yong Han (IACS - International Association of Classification Societies) - " Ship design rules and regulations, an overview of major themes "
      Regular presentation:
      C. Guedes Soares, N. Fonseca and R. Pascoal (IST, Portugal) - " Comparison of present wave induced load criteria with loads induced by an abnormal wave on marine structures "

Additional Papers
Our warmest thanks to Professor Laurence Draper and to David Carter for providing reprints of the first known articles about freak waves, to an anonymous former cadet of the Jeanne d'Arc for the report of a near-miss, and to Sverre Haver for clarifying the story of the famous "New Year Wave".