Code 6904099
Name ARVOR Profiling Float
Description Argo BSH
Project DARGO2025
Institution Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH)
Data Assembly Center IF : CORIOLIS
Activity Active
First station date 12/01/2021 14:35:00
Last station date 17/01/2022 06:47:20
Float cycles 61, 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
Stations in Ascii, in Netcdf
Trajectory data in Ascii, in Netcdf
Graphics of individual profiles Verticals profiles, Immersion profiles
Float Argo trajectory for platform 6904099
(C) Coriolis data centre - 2022.01.19
T/S Diagram
Section chart
Overlayed profiles
Waterfall profiles
Profiler VERSION 5.47
Profiler CYCLE PERIOD 10
Profiler LAUNCH DATETIME 12/01/2021 12:51:17
Profiler LAUNCH LATITUDE 45.4982
Profiler LAUNCH LONGITUDE -21.0026
Profiler PROBE CODE 844
Profiler PARKING DEPTH 1000
Profiler PROFILE DEPTH 2000
Platform activity flag A
The last valid station id of the platform 82403543
Bathy 4068
Profiler configuration - Reference day 2
Data centre in charge of platform data processing IF
Positioning system GPS
Positioning system IRIDIUM
Transmission identifier (ARGOS, ORBCOMM, etc.) 045309
The telecommunications system used IRIDIUM
Model of the float ARVOR I- 2000 dbar
The name of the manufacturer NKE
Instrument type AI2600-20DE051
Direction of the profiles B
Name of the principal investigator C. Jensen
Quality on launch date, time and location 1
Date (UTC) of the first descent of the float. 12/01/2021 13:10:00
Quality on start date 1
Identifier of the deployment platform RV Sonne
Identifier of stations used to verify the first profile yes
The number of times this cycle repeats 1
Name of the cruise SO280
Date of last update of the metadata of the platform 15/01/2021 20:00:00
Date of last update of the trajectory of the platform 17/01/2022 10:34:20
Version number of the data handbook 1.2
Theoretical time of end of ascent to surface 7
Profiler configuration - Periode de transmission en fin de vie (minute) 60
Profiler configuration - Duree maxi d activation ev en surface (cs) 800
Profiler configuration - Volume transfere par l ev maxi autorise en profondeur (cm3) 11
Profiler configuration - Duree maxi d activation pompe en profondeur (cs) 290
Profiler configuration - Duree maxi d activation pompe en remontee (cs) 720
Profiler configuration - Dur?e nominale d activation pompe en emergence (cs) 28000
Profiler configuration - Tolerance sur l atteinte de la pression de consigne (dBar) 30
Profiler configuration - Pression maxi a ne pas depasser (dBar) 2100
Profiler configuration - Pression de debut de reduction de la duree d activation ev en surface (dBar) 1
Profiler configuration - Critere de pression de debut de plongee (dBar) 7
Profiler configuration - Nbre de positions hors tolerance autorise en derive conduisant a repositionnement 2
Profiler configuration - Mode de gestion de l echouage en descente a pression de derive 0
Profiler configuration - Critere d echouage: volume cumule (cm3) 36
Profiler configuration - Pression en dessous de laquelle le flotteur reste pose en attente profil remontee (dBar) 200
Profiler configuration - Diminution de la pression visee en cas d echouage (dBar) 100
Profiler configuration - Tolerance sur maintien de la pression de consigne (dBar) 50
Profiler configuration - Mode d acquisition de la mesure 1
Profiler configuration - Periode d alternance profil - si=1, pas d alternance (jour) 1
Profiler configuration - Profondeur de profil alterne (dBar) 2000
Profiler configuration - Vitesse moyenne descente (mm/s) 25
Profiler configuration - Increment de profondeur de consigne a chaque cycle (dBar) 0
Profiler configuration - Timeout modem iridium (minute) 120
Profiler configuration - Coefficient de calibrage pression A 1.474
Profiler configuration - Coefficient de calibrage pression B 5.85
Firmware version 5900A05
The manual version for the float 33-16-033
The configuration of battery packs in the float 2*3S4P
The type of controller board I535
The serial number of the primary controller board C200409-0056
The float owner BSH
The operating institution of the float BSH
Delay Before Mission 240
Period Descent Profile 0
Period Ascent Profile 8
Depth intermediate threshold 200
Surface Slice Thickness 1
Intermediate Slice Thickness 1
Depth Slice Thickness 1
Optode type 0
Average ascent speed 90
CTD cut-off pressure 5
maximum cycles 300
Category of instrument FLOAT
Id of the sail connector 20051
Number of the bluetooth connection C200107-0142-AC
Comment on float visual inspection done just before deployment OK
Comment on ballast visual inspection done just before deployment OK
Startup date of the float 12/01/2021 09:10:00
Name of the deployment operator Simon Tewes
Method used to deploy the float manual
Period of the pressure checks during the float ascent to surface 2
pression stab remontée 10
Platform type ARVOR
Time delay between each new attempt to descend when the float is stuck at the surface. 10
Threshold used by the float to stop ascent speed control and pump actions. 10
1 if the float transmits hydraulic data at the end of the cycle, 0 otherwise. 1
Period of the pressure checks during the float descent. 5
If the float vertical motion, is less than this threshold, the float makes buoyancy adjustments. 3
Delay before a second Iridium session performed by the float just before diving for a new cycle. 0
Type of sensor from L22 SeaVox Device Catalogue TOOL0669
Number of cycles for the first mission of a double mission Argos float (Arvor ARN 2013) 300
Comment on float internal checks before deployment (valve and pump actions, argos transmission check) OK
Float deployment height (m) 2
Ship speed during float deployment (kts) 1
Wind speed during float deplayment (Beaufort) 7
Sea state during float deployment (calm, smooth, slight, moderate, rough, very rough, high, very high, phenomenal) Rough (2.5 to 4 m)
Float waiting period before the surface ResetOffset CTD command (Arvor ARN 2013) 0
Timeout for GPS acquisition. 45
Cycle periodicity of the 'in air measurement' phase. 0
Sampling period during the 'in air measurement' phase. 30
Duration of the 'in air measurement' phase. 5
Duration of the last pump action of the buoyancy acquisition phase when a 'in air measurement' phase is programmed (in centi-seconds). 33000
The float has an additonial stick for air measurement (yes/no) no
Maximum delay (in days) since the last ice evasion date to raise a new ice evasion. 0
Offset, added to theoretical internal vacuum for self test threshold (YLA5900A05) 50
Date of last update of the tech data of the platform 17/01/2022 10:36:21
Configuration phases
Total time of a cycle : descent + parking + ascent + surface Preset duration of the down time (start of descent to start of ascent) Preset duration of the up time (start of ascent to start of descent) Pressure of subsurface drifts Deepest pressure sampled in the ascending profile
48 1000 2000
240 1000 2000
Name Maker Model Serial number Units Accuracy Resolution
Physical parameters
Name Units Accuracy Resolution
CTD_PRES dbar 2.4 dbar 0.1 dbar
CTD_TEMP degC 0.002 degC 0.001 degC
CTD_CNDC psu 0.005 psu 0.001 psu
Parameter Equation Coefficients Comment
Technical parameters Details