Code 7900689
Name 8755
Description Argo SIO
Institution Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla (SIO)
Data Assembly Center AO : AOML
Activity Inactive
First station date 14/01/2019 16:35:59
Last station date 17/05/2019 15:42:37
Float cycles 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
Stations in Ascii, in Netcdf
Trajectory data in Ascii, in Netcdf
Graphics of individual profiles Verticals profiles, Immersion profiles
Float Argo trajectory for platform 7900689
(C) Coriolis data centre - 2021.06.17
T/S Diagram
Section chart
Overlayed profiles
Waterfall profiles
Profiler LAUNCH DATETIME 14/01/2019 16:00:00
Profiler LAUNCH LATITUDE -65.497
Profiler LAUNCH LONGITUDE 177.561
Profiler PROBE CODE 853
Platform activity flag I
The last valid station id of the platform 63989413
Data centre in charge of platform data processing AO
Positioning system GPS
Transmission identifier (ARGOS, ORBCOMM, etc.) n/a
The telecommunications system used IRIDIUM
The program identifier used by the transmission system n/a
The frequency of transmission from the float n/a
The name of the manufacturer SIO_IDG
Instrument type 8755
Name of the principal investigator DEAN ROEMMICH
Quality on launch date, time and location 0
Quality on start date 9
Identifier of the deployment platform R/V Tangaroa
Date (UTC) of the end of mission of the float 17/05/2019 16:01:19
Status of the end of mission of the float T
Name of the project US ARGO PROJECT
The related loading id 61200746
Date of last update of the metadata of the platform 20/05/2021 20:44:10
Date of last update of the trajectory of the platform 18/05/2019 00:45:45
Firmware version V02.60; SBE602 27Aug18
The manual version for the float V02.60
The serial number of the float 8755
A standard format number to describe the data format for each float 202026
The format number used by the DAC to describe the data format type for each float SOLO2IR_TS36
The type of battery packs in the float TADIRAN Lithium 15 V
The configuration of battery packs in the float 3D Li
The type of controller board GG32 Rev:6.3
Extra features of the float (algorithms, compressee etc.) Buoyancy diagnostics are being placed in the auxiliary directory, as the reporting of such data has not been standardized.
The operating institution of the float SIO
Category of instrument FLOAT
Startup date of the float 14/01/2019 16:17:57
Platform type SOLO_II
Date of last update of the tech data of the platform 29/04/2021 20:17:18
Configuration phases
Name Maker Model Serial number Units Accuracy Resolution
CTD_TEMP SBE SBE41CP_V7.2.5 10873
CTD_CNDC SBE SBE41CP_V7.2.5 10873
Physical parameters
Name Units Accuracy Resolution
CTD_PRES dbar 1.5% 0.01 dbar
CTD_TEMP degC (ITS-90) 0.002 degC 0.0001 degC
CTD_CNDC psu 0.002 psu 0.0001 psu
Parameter Equation Coefficients Comment
PRES y=thermistor output;t=PTHA0+PTHA1*y+PTHA2*y^2;x=pressure output-PTCA0-PTCA1*t-PTCA2*t^2;n=x*PTCB0/(PTCB0+PTCB1*t+PTCB2*t^2);pressure(psia)=PA0+PA1*n+PA2*n^2; PA0 = 5.237828E-01, PA1 = 3.931304E-04, PA2 = -2.818119E-13, PTCA0 = -6.865652E+03, PTCA1 = 1.116654E+02, PTCA2 = -2.317844E+00, PTCB0 = 3.126881E+05, PTCB1 = 8.924692E+00, PTCB2 = 2.372161E-01, PTHA0 = 3.378842E+02, PTHA1 = -6.139542E-05, PTHA2 = -1.74134 Pressure Calibration Date 26 04 2018
TEMP n=Instrument Output (counts); Temperature (ITS-90) = 1/{a0+a1[ln(n)]+a2[ln^2(n)]+a3[ln^3(n)]}-273.15 (oC); TA0 = -9.259770E-04, TA1 = 3.048872E-04, TA2 = -4.440612E-06, TA3 = 1.652671E-07, Temperature Calibration Date 01 05 2018
PSAL f=INST_FREQ*sqrt(1.0+wBOTC*t)/1000.0;Conductivity=(g+h*f^2+i*f^3+j*f^4)/(1+delta*t+epsilon*p) Siemens/meter;t=temperature[degC];p=pressure[dbar];delta=CTcor;epsilon=CPcor; G = -9.970141E-01, H = 1.380787E-01, I = -3.243200E-04, J = 4.294159E-05, CTCOR = 3.250000E-06, CPCOR = -9.570000E-08, WBOTC = -1.547231E-07, Conductivity Calibration Date 01 05 2018
Technical parameters Details