About Allegro-Server

Allegro-Server is :

  • A server application (JEE web application) : gives an access to the database
  • A database DDL (Data Definition Language for relational database) used to store halieutic raw data (spatial data included)

Compatibility with two databases :

Allegro server is built on top of most standard JEE patterns and frameworks :

  • Web services layer : SOAP WSI Basic-profile V1.1 (XFire),
  • Business layer : IoC, transaction managment (Spring),
  • Data Access Object : Object mapping (Hibernate),
  • JBoss EAR compatibility,
  • Maven2 deployment.


The following archive files can be downloaded :

  • DDL scripts (SQL commands) for Oracle :
  • Server common API , to use for service layer access (web services proxy not included) :


The following documentation is available :