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NODC, WOCE, ARGO program, and TAO project are greatly acknowledged for taking measurements and/or collecting the in-situ datasets of ocean temperature and salinity. Those data are the essential and basic materials from which we could compute ocean variables and construct climatologies and other elaborated products made available on this web site.

We are thankfull to Ifremer, and its LOS laboratory, for mainly funding this work.
CERSAT, the data center integrated with LOS, is thanked for hosting the data and this website through its "cerweb" portal.
LOCEAN laboratory is also acknowledged for keeping the basic historical pages of this site (now redirected to present website).

This work is partly done and supported in the frame of the french Coriolis program (see also the Coriolis Science section for R&D activities) which is the in-situ observations side of the French operational oceanography program.

Thank you to Dominique Morize (aka Duto Fujamee), who developped the design of the website during his computer science Master internship. Thanks also to Sidonie for her many advices and readings which contributed to improve those pages. Great thanks to all the colleagues who helped a lot in the generation, improvment, valorisation of those data through technical exchanges, discussions and publications. Their name can be found in the authors lists of the references section.

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