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L2 Pointwise data

Pointwise data of some oceanic variables directly computed from in situ observations of T/S profiles are made available hereunder. Those data are mainly intended for investigating research questions but user should still take care to always keep a scientific view on them (e.g. occurrences of what look like outliers for you may happen, some flags may come soon with the data). To get those data (in netcdf format) you can choose between the two methods hereafter.

Please acknowledge "IFREMER/LOS Mixed Layer Depth Climatology website (www.ifremer.fr/cerweb/deboyer/mld)", if you use those data in your work.

 Method 1: Download whole datasets 

This is the surest way to get all the ocean variables computed from desired datasets. It is especially usefull if you encounter problems with the selection tool (next section). You can download the whole L2 pointwise datasets through ftp links below. A more detailed description of each dataset and variables you can find in the netcdf data files is available hereunder.
NB: the same selection of a whole dataset can also be achieved through the selection tool below by giving maximum ranges for time/space windows (e.g. lon1/lon2 = 0/360, lat1/lat2 = -90/90 and dates spanning the min/max of proposed dates)

[37.2 Mo]
ocean variables (defs.) computed from ARGO Profiling Floats dataset (descr.)
[32.4 Ko]
ocean variables (defs.) computed from WOCE v3.0 2002 CTDs (sample test) dataset (descr.)

 Method 2: Download a subset of the data with the selection tool (beta-testing) 

Select in the form below, which variable(s) you want, from which kind of dataset(s) and on which spatio-temporal window you need the extraction. The latter will be processed in a few minutes and we will send you on the given mailbox the ftp link where to find the netcdf files (one for each dataset). A further description of variables and datasets is available hereafter.
NB: As noted above, if you encounter any problem with this tool, you can always download the whole datasets from the previous section, and perform your own selection afterwards by yourself.
CAUTION (may 2014) : Sorry but due to a computer failure (april 2013), the present selection tool has been out of order until I find time to update things from the new computer. Please use Method 1 above to download the whole dataset and perform your own regional selection if needed.


Variable(s) [see definitions below]

Dataset(s) [see descriptions below]
ARGO Profiling Floats
WOCE v3.0 2002 CTDs (sample test)


Start : 
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An Email Address to send you the ftp link for netcdf data files: 
(if needed, a disposable, anonymous, free email address can be defined in a minute from yopmail for example)

 L2 Data Description 

We give hereunder a description of the variables and datasets you can select from the form above. Some variables are basically the same as for the L3 Gridded Data. The basic datasets should be updated on a yearly basis. More choice in the variables (e.g. MLDreqdt02, WLD, BLT, T/S under ML, D20...) and datasets (CTD from WOD09, TAO buoys) should hopefully come soon.